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I provide individual and marital counseling in a safe, supportive environment. My areas of expertise are:

Love Addiction — An intimacy problem that may be indicated by craving connection and compulsively seeking relationships despite negative consequences.

Sexual Addiction/Internet Pornography — an addiction is defined as a relationship with a mood altering substance or experience that causes you harm. It is marked by intense preoccupation with sexual thoughts and urges, multiple unsuccessful attempts to control the behavior, and it continues despite negative consequences. Examples might include regular visits to massage parlors or strip clubs, paying for sex, or having multiple affairs. All are usually done in secret, are costly and could lead to arrest, disease, discovery. Engaging in these activities often results in shame and guilt.

Depression — feeling sad most of the time, not wanting to engage socially, isolating, increasing irritability, having no sex drive, over eating or having no appetite.

Intimate Partner Violence/abuse (domestic violence) — Attempts made by one partner to control the relationship or the behavior of the other partner through physical force and/or intimidation. Financial, emotional or sexual abuse, and isolation may also be present in the relationship. Examples of violence include: hitting, shoving, hair pulling, choking, kicking, scratching, punching, property destruction, harming or threats to harm children or pets (not all inclusive).

Anxiety — worrying excessively, having irrational fears that interfere with normal functioning.

Marital/Relationship Conflict — communication issues, inability to resolve problems, struggling with one partner's addiction in the relationship, overfunctioning or underfunctioning in the relationship.

Counseling/Psychotherapy — choosing to see a counselor/therapist does not mean serious mental illness. What it does mean is possibility. It can be a significant tool for change in a client's life. Through counseling, the client can gain insights into his/her behaviors, learn to manage anxious feelings, get help with depressive symptoms, learn to make better choices, engage in healthier relationships and learn techniques for more effective communication. Many more benefits may be derived depending on the person's interests, issues, and level of commitment.

Group Psychotherapy  — Call about available group sessions.

I love helping my clients achieve their goals

Insurance - I am a provider for Blue Shield of California and for MHNet. If you are covered by a different insurance I can provide you with a statement which can be submitted to your company for possible reimbursement. Information about reimbursement is usually available through member benefits. Telephone numbers are listed on the back of your insurance card.

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